Monday, 14 December 2009

Snowmen in Africa!

Christmas is approaching fast and it doesn't have the same commercial profile here as in the UK. However, we've managed to get a nice tacky Christmas tree including flashing lights and have made some of our own decorations. Bella came with Alan to a friend, Naomi's, nursery the other day and we made snowman masks. They had obviously never seen a snowman, but seemed to quickly get the idea and were soon up to their eyes in glue and cotton wool! There was even a panto on at the theatre in town, which we attended along with every other expat in Kampala. Just trying to find a carol service to attend and hope that santa gets his letters from the girls with the Ugandan post!
Girls just broken up for the hols and Granny and Grandpa Cowan arrive tomorrow for 3 weeks- let's see what they make of it here!