Thursday, 22 July 2010

Customer Service Training at Safari Lodges...'s a tough job, but someone has to do it! Alan landed himself a Gordon Ramsey style role of troubleshooter for a chain of 3 safari lodges around Uganda. Keen for some diverse viewpoints he took along 4 extra critics, all of whom were keen to contribute. Amy took on her role very seriously and was always chipping in with useful tips- these normally involved wanting to make things softer, particularly pillows and toilet paper!

We normally spent the first day or so observing as 'mystery customers' before focussing on some areas for improvement through training sessions including some entertaining games of chinese whispers and something involving balloons.

It remains to be seen whether the lodges will be better places to stay as a result of our visits, but they have some new recipes to try out and some new artwork on the walls courtesy of the girls!

Feeling Blue

the girls weren't too happy with their new roomate at one of the lodges!


Never again will we take Jasper for granted...

Jasper and the girls...

whilst Alan was putting the staff at the lodges through their paces, Alison was doing the same with Jasper on the roads through the National Parks. Sometimes with unfortunate consequences...

...not that the girls seemed that bothered!

Cake..? Me..? Never!

Bella caught in the act at a friend's 30th!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Bomb Avoidance

You may well have heard by now about the bomb blasts in Kampala on Sunday night during the World Cup Final. Fortunately for us, we were out in the West of Uganda at the time and headed back on Monday. No-one we know was affected by the blasts, but both bomb sites are at places we have visited in the past year. The hospital where Alison works, IHK, was inundated with patients so Alison was sorry that she was not around that night to help out.
Our journey back into Kampala was slowed down somewhat last night due to tightened security, but life has returned to normal for most in Kampala.
Update on our trip West to follow...