Thursday, 29 April 2010

I wish it were that easy!!

...front page headline of a national newspaper yesterday!! Then another bit of classic primary prevention advice follows below - another common belief as to how to avoid contracting HIV. It's no wonder the HIV prevalence is 6.4% and climbing in Uganda!! It is with this in mind that I am appealing for funds to continue the comprehensive STI service that we have developed for the local community. STI control is proven to lead to a 40% reduction in transmission of HIV, so in Kampala, where STI prevalence is estimated to be about 9%, a comprehensive STI service can make a huge difference. Sadly, the funds through IMF (the charitable arm of the organisation) are limited and so if anyone feels the urge, donations would be most welcome via the following website:, earmarked for the STI clinic. £10 provides screening and treatment for 1 person with obvious knock-on benefits for that person's sexual contacts too... so more for your money!!! If you are able to donate, drop me a line and I can keep you posted of how your money is used (whilst not being too graphic of course!)
Thanks to those who have already donated to this cause.

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