Thursday, 10 June 2010

Back to the Drawing Board 2!

....and the fight against gut worms!!!!! Below is more of Alan's art work to help encourage (primarily school kids) to take their medication to deworm. You might be pleased to hear that our girls have all been 'done' with good effect....!?


  1. Hello
    Am Katongole Johnny father of Angelle from kampala-Uganda and i have liked the good work you're doing to empower,awareness,improve our health standard and supporting those who are in need.i have come up to work hand in hand to work with you for the better of this community.


  2. Am Angella Namuli from Kampala Uganda former student on Mukono Parent High School ,thanks for the good work you're doing to improve life standard of our people and to help those who are need.
    Keep on the good work and i would love to join you as nursing sister for the better of this community

  3. I am a US graduate student going to the DR next week and will be doing deworming. Do you mind if I use your images above to help the kids learn? Please let me know!