Sunday, 16 August 2009

Bella's Birthday Bash!

The girls have just collapsed into bed after a day of balloons, face painting, dancing queen, party games and far too much cake and drink!!! Nothing new there then! The build up to Bella’s birthday was onerously big, especially when I cracked the first egg yesterday morning to start baking for today and almost in synchrony, the electricity and consequently the oven, went off!!! We had already tricked the girls into thinking Bella’s birthday was today to allow time to bake, after returning home from a 3 day conference late on Friday and the expectation for birthday cake had to be met. By midday the electricity still had not returned so we headed for the beach to join the rest of the VSO crowd for ultimate frisbee and a barbecue instead and then paid the price later as we were up until 1am this morning baking! Some things never change!! Thankfully it all came together and Bella seemed to have a fantastic time!!! The Snazzaroo face paints were a big hit, especially for the Ugandan kids, so we may have to set up a road-side stall! The rains held off too (the rainy season began yesterday with a vengeance!) so we could be outdoors for most of the day, which was great as our little house struggles to hold too many and we ended up being a fair few! Bella beamed from the beginning to the end of the day…!


  1. looks like you ahd lots of fun.Not sure whether our e-card reached you but we all thought of you on the day. What a big girl! Lots of love
    Aline and the Bavisters

  2. Hello all,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bella (and now also Zoe) We hope that they like their little gifts. It looks like everyone is having a great time.
    Here in Oxford, things are going well. House and location are beautiful. Busy sampling all the delights. Vanessa spent the last week in a tent (which blew away) doing training for the Red Cross emergency roster, and i almost died at my first hockey training/fitness session!
    Loving following your glamourous lives! Lots of love,
    Ben and Vanessa