Sunday, 23 August 2009

The rainy season has arrived with a vengeance!

It started on the 15th August, as every Ugandan seemed to predictmuch to our amazement, and involves daily downpours like that pictured here. The storms are amazing and really dramatic… almost enjoyable, as long as you are not caught in it on foot, or in a car, attempting to drive!! Both of which we managed today. Alan and the girls chose the wrong moment to walk out for an ice-cream and half way there, the heavens opened. I jumped in the car to rescue them and almost ended up getting stuck on a road that had swiftly become a raging river, complete with rapids!! Thank God for the 4-wheel drive mode! Every day, you see cars that lack the necessary amphibious qualities, abandoned in ditches by the side of the road! The storms don’t last long and then the sun burns through very quickly. For those planning to visit, don’t be put off as apparently the wildlife is amazing in the rainy season and in fact some hippos have been sighted nearby on the shores of Lake Victoria!! We have not seen them yet though, but we can confirm that the birdlife has increased in magnitude! Unfortunately so too have the mosquitoes, much to Zoe’s misfortune as they LOVE her.

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