Monday, 2 August 2010

When Did You Last Get Serviced?

Alan's artwork was put to use again (below). This time to invite staff to a health screening day that Alison had helped to organise at IHK. It seemed to work, as instead of the 50 or so staff that were expected, the numbers approached 300 (including 60 cervical screens, amongst other things!)before the doors had to be closed, for that day anyway! Another health screening day has been timetabled for next week for those that could not be accommodated, and one enthusiastic participant even asked if they could be held quarterly!
The health day gave Alison a great opportunity to test drive the sexual and reproductive health screening package which she has been developing and is in the process of incorporating into the community project at IHK. The plan is to also offer the package to corporate staff from other organisations within Kampala and use any profits to subsidise and maintain the community project, in which there is the greatest unmet need.
Despite this potential revenue, the community project is still lacking in funds and so any additional financial support would always be much appreciated, and can be channelled through the Suubi Trust website earmarked for the STI programme. A huge thank you again to those who have already contributed to the running of this programme.

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