Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Working with the Parents at Royal Pride

On Sunday we organised a health education day with the parents of the Royal Pride Academy. Alison came armed with various homemade visual aids (including the 'Tippy Tap' featured below) and she talked to them about relevant issues such as safe water, HIV, malaria and family planning with a focus on prevention. There was a really good turn-out (over 100 kids and 100 parents) and plenty of audience participation including some very detailed questions along sexual themes!

The schoolchildren performed some songs and dances around the various themes of the day- some of them quite emotional as there were several orphaned by HIV and other diseases.

Alison and Natalie set up an impromptu deworming clinic and there was a clamour for the tablets

We also handed out the last of our supply of reading books so each child had a book to take home. We wanted to encourage more of a reading culture and get the parents involved at home. Even though some of the parents themselves are illiterate, we feel it is important they give the children time to improve their reading skills.

The day was a great success and much appreciated by the parents and teachers. Next on the timetable is to return with some much-needed supplies such as mosquito nets and condoms through an outreach day with a local clinic, where HIV testing will also be on offer.

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