Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Meeting Brian

We had the privilege of meeting this wee 1 year old chap, Brian, on the malnutrition unit at Mulago hospital. The Kampala VSO crowd had arranged to paint the unit over a couple of weekends, and whilst there, noticed that Brian, who was recently orphaned and has TB and HIV, was not being fed/cleaned. It seems that everyone had given up on him. As sometimes happens, the basic care of those who have no advocate in hospital falls by the wayside with the pressure of work, and those most vulnerable end up losing out. An impromptu rota of volunteers was arranged to pop in for feeding, cuddling and cleaning, and now a local orphanage is involved so he has really rallied. The girls, and especially Amy, loved the cuddles, as did Brian it seemed, so we hope to pop back soon. The next weekend of painting is planned for 2 weeks time so we may be able to leave Amy to do some babysitting while we paint. We will have to see how the other 2 get on wielding their brushes!!

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  1. What an incredible adventure for you and your girls.
    Still chucking it down here... xx