Sunday, 5 July 2009

Play time!

We have just spent a lovely afternoon at Centenary Park in central Kampala with a crowd of the other VSO volunteers based in and around Kampala. All very relaxing until we realised the level of supervision required on the play equipment, in particular the trampoline!?!! You may be concerned about the lack of safety net,but we were more anxious about the huge tear in the centre of it!! Bella did land safely by the way!!


  1. Hello Cowans! I hope the girls don't attempt any of the advanced inverted maneuvers we pulled on your trampoline at home. Great to have this blog. lots of love from the Heaths xxx

  2. Hello gang. I'm now "following" you so keep the updates and photos coming. Great to hear you're settling in well and that there are places that make Italy seem civilised! Baci!!

  3. Hello all! Fantastic to see the photos and read your updates and will now keep abreast of your news. We take our hats off to you guys..we thought that moving to Oz was a big step..but hey!!..Keep up the great work and we are sending so much love to you all xxxx